Being Green

Our customers know that going
green can make perfect
business sense

The majority of today’s copy, print, scan and fax technologies have
climate change firmly in their sights. Primed to use as little energy
and as few consumables as possible, they’re also set up to promote
more responsible user behaviour which in itself results in huge on-going
savings in terms of waste produced and energy consumed.

We help our clients choose the right mix of technologies to not only
boost their business, but help them minimise their impact on the
environment, and keep them compliant with environmental regulations in the process.

With the right advice, you will find that a greener business can also be a leaner one,
and your output all the greater because of it.

Striving together for a sustainable tomorrow

At Workflow we take our environmental credentials seriously and we choose our partners carefully.

We hold Gold Green Achiever accreditation – and we mean to continue making constant improvements to our processes and practices.

We can dispose of end-of-life components and devices using certified processes and partners, helping our customers comply with the WEEE directive

Allowing you to be

We automatically remove every shred of data from defunct devices before they are processed

Maintaining your privacy and security

We only work with suppliers whose products meet the standards set by the Energy Star Programme, to ensure compliance with the latest international standards for energy excellence

Allowing you to rest assured in our current and conscientiously GREEN service

All suppliers are fully environmentally accredited under the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recycling) directive. Many suppliers, e.g. Konica Minolta, have won awards for innovative products which help organisations minimise their impact on the environment

Applauding our partners’ green technologies for a brighter future

We work with manufacturers whose ideas are helping transform the way
businesses like yours are harnessing copy, print, scan and fax technologies
to work faster and smarter.

  • Monitor usage and implement rules which guide the way users use print
  • Pull printing and secure print release technologies can slash wasted ink and paper
  • Reduce your carbon footprint when you run a rationalised fleet of fewer, but more effective, devices
  • Clever new toner technologies see MFDs needing less power and less ink to produce high quality output
  • New devices feature ultra-low standby energy consumption, and super speedy start-up times

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Leaner, greener
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