Copiers and printers

Save up to 30% on your current print
cost and benefit from technologies
which will do wonders for your workflow

Many organisations spend 3% of their turnover on running their
print and copy fleet.

Not our clients.

Our independent experts will examine your business processes and find
out what you really need – and what you’re really spending – on your
print environment. Armed with in depth expertise and in depth knowledge
of every old, new and emerging print technology on the market, we will
hand-pick just the right blend for your business. The result will be a right-sized
print environment working super efficiently to boost work flow and deliver high quality
print at the best possible price.

That’s what we call a good result.

Key benefits

  • Harness the power of new MFD technologies and advanced print software to help you automate workflow, reduce waste, monitor usage and recover and control costs
  • Embrace all the business-boosting benefits of mobile working
  • We partner with the world’s leading suppliers of print hardware, software and consumables to give our clients access to the best products for their business needs – however diverse or changeable those may be
  • Single point of contact managing your entire print and copy fleet going forward
  • All backed up by flexible, industry-leading support options to fit your business and our
    Customer Service Charter

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