Konica Minolta

A household name and leading global
provider of digital and print technologies

Konica Minolta is the brand behind a number of
economic and environmental initiatives which have
been recognised as outstanding in their sector.

Their award-winning multifunction and digital print production
technologies are helping organisations across the world
increase operational efficiency and reduce their environmental impact.

Here is a taste of how the latest ‘Bizhub’ generation of
Konica Minolta systems and devices could
benefit your business

Full range of devices – full of flexible features

  • From simple, space-saving desktop devices to full scale print production environments, the Konica Minolta product line-up has it all
  • Many Konica Minolta devices come security-ready with security safeguards built into the hard-drive – such as HDD sanitising, job erase and account tracking
  • Hard drives with plenty of memory allow for easy, secure on-board document storage
  • Advanced finishing capabilities include booklet-making and tri-folding
  • Konica Minolta’s range of integrated, added value software applications enable organisations to create and set-up entirely new work processes quickly and effectively e.g. user and cost management and cloud and mobile printing

Easy, speedy, quality results

  • Unique new Simitri® toner technology features smaller, more uniform toner particles paving the way to more even distribution, better fine line definition, and improved solid fills
  • Operation is via large, customisable and user-friendly touch screens with features such as drag-and-drop functionality plus image rotation
  • Lightning fast warm-up speeds from as little as 18 seconds, and first-page-out speeds from 3.6 seconds
  • Dual scan document feeders enable users to scan double-sided originals in one fast run
  • Multi-destination scanning allows authorised users to scan to email, to FTP, to Powerpoint, USB and beyond

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