PaperCut’s user-friendly print management
software can help organisations save significant
amounts of money and dramatically reduce waste,
whatever the scale of their operations.

Their fully cross-platform products support all major operating systems including
mixed environments.

Always quick to respond to changing working practices, PaperCut are helping make
mobile working a secure, seamless reality for many businesses with innovations such
as Find-Me printing, and BYOD (bring your own device) features.

Here is a taste of how PaperCut software could benefit your business

Mobile and pull printing made easy

Pull, or Find-Me printing allows users to send documents to print from any device then authenticate themselves at the printer of their choice to release the print job.

  • Software allows users across all platforms – from their own mobile devices, iPads, tablets, desktops or other iOS devices – to be able to remotely access all printer features
  • Access to print controls and features is via a consistently recognisable, user-friendly interface
  • Secure Print Release means print jobs are only released upon user authentication for total security
  • Across all devices, every print job is fully tracked and controlled

Less waste, more control

  • Every single print, copy, fax and scan job is recorded and can be allocated against codes by person, cost centre or project, and charged to clients via Professional Client Billing
  • Track usage, enforce print rules and assign print limits to encourage more responsible usage
  • Administer the system straight from your web browser anywhere on the network
  • No more print jobs left languishing – creates less waste and lowers security risk
  • Real-time statistics on CO2 equivalent, energy and trees consumed by the printing process
  • Flexible server deployments – no matter what size, number of sites and number of users

Workflow: Impartial, intelligent and incredibly effective

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