Print Audit

A leading provider of device and print management
solutions, Print Audit has received many awards for
business innovation

Its software helps organisations
manage their printer fleets more efficiently,as well as
track and control user printing behaviour.

Print Audit Facilities Manager is a powerful tool which works
remotely to collect meter readings, alert you when devices
need supplies, and keep track of service requirements across
any sized fleet of printers, copiers, fax machines and MFDs.

Here is a taste of how Print Audit software could
benefit your business

Real-time insight into your print environment

  • Automatic meter readings provide accurate real-time reporting of usage, service status and costs across your entire inventory of devices, including those on different contracts
  • Track usage and costs by page countand function for each and every device
  • Customisable reporting allows you to mine the information collected to inform business decisions around usage and operations
  • No new hardware required, and easy-to-use cloud-based system allows anytime anywhere authorised access to your information
  • Track total cost of ownership (TCO) and have a clearer understanding of your fleet and output, to help with equipment rightsizing
  • Export data into your own accounting system

Save time and money with automated supply level and servicing alerts

  • Reduce downtime with powerful service and status alerts
  • Never run out of consumables again with remote consumables monitoring which alerts you when ink or toner levels dip below 25%
  • Alerts automatically sent to your IT team or your copier service supplier when there is an issue with a device
  • Identify costly devices through service history and actual cost per page reporting

Workflow: Impartial, intelligent and incredibly effective

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