Prism software

Prism’s industry-leading software products help speed
up document workflow

while expanding and improving
the choice organisations have around how they create
and distribute their documents

Powerful yet flexible features give organisations huge scope in
how they share their information internally and externally,
and communicate with their stakeholders.

Here is a taste of how Prism software could
benefit your business

ScanPath – translate originals into 8 different file formats instantly

ScanPath boasts a powerful OCR (optical character recognition) engine which recognises text images on a page and converts them into editable text.

  • Easily convert scanned documents to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, searchable PDF, PDF/A, PDF image, RTF and TIFF
  • When scanning to email, message appears in user’s Outlook Sent folder
  • Scan to custom-built workflows such as accounting, legal and HR
  • Send scanned documents straight to Google Drive, Box, DropBox and more
  • Scan directly to Microsoft SharePoint

DocForm – personalised cross-channel comms made simple

Personalising cross-channel communications within a production print environment becomes simple, secure and reliable with Prism’s powerful DocForm solution.

  • Personalised, tracked and consistent communications across print and electronic channels from letters and statements to emails, eForms, personal web pages, SMS and more
  • Software automatically creates reports, charts and graphs to give your business In depth insight into your comms operations
  • Create complex conditional data events, adding images, graphics with integrated DirectSmile
  • All capabilities in a single application
  • Integrated Microsoft SharePoint Output

Workflow: Impartial, intelligent and incredibly effective

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