Managed Document Services – what it means, and why today’s most successful businesses rely on them

Does information flow or falter through your business? Maybe it’s time to take a look.

Easy, secure access to business-critical information is a core indicator of business efficiency. Yet research* tells us that the average full-time employee can spend between 7.4 and 12.5 hours* per week searching for the information they need to get on with their job.

It is the power of Managed Document Services to slash that research time that has helped secured its success as a back-office booster experiencing huge uptake by many of the world’s most forward-thinking businesses.

* Sources:   IDC, McKinsey

5 key benefits behind the MDS success story

Whatever their sector or their size, most organisations share a number of key aims. Managed Document Services have been proven to deliver across every one of them.

  • More productive employees free to focus on core business activities
  • A better, faster customer experience
  • Reliable data security
  • Legal and environmental compliance
  • Lower outgoings and less waste

Managed Document Services – what does it mean?

MDS optimises the way an organisation manages all documents and data from the moment they enter the business. Immediate on-entry digitisation allows the information contained in those documents to be recorded, accessed, actioned, tracked and stored easily, securely and cost-effectively right across an organisation. The result is significantly improved productivity, huge efficiency gains and vastly reduced wastage of time, money and resources.

Where do Managed Print Services fit in?

Whereas MDS focuses on the whole of a document’s lifecycle incorporating workflow, security and compliance, MPS focuses on optimising print processes and output. It can typically reduce print-related costs by 30%. As such it is an important part of the MDS success story.

Workflow – an industry-leading approach

At Workflow our end-to-end business solutions and superior support services are helping organisations big and small achieve more while spending less.   Our wide experience and independent, no-stone-unturned approach mean we are perfectly placed to help organisations benefit from the opportunities that both MDS and MPS present, and we are blazing a trail as we do so.

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