We are really excited to see Santa Pod Raceway have announced our new relationship with them. See below for the full press release.

Santa Pod Raceway is delighted to announce a new administrative partnership with Bedfordshire-based Workflow Group

In its 50th Anniversary season, Santa Pod is a busy place. The venue hosts more than 60 events a year, ranging from Run What Ya Brung public track days and mass-participation lifestyle weekends all the way to full-scale international FIA Championship events, with customer admissions numbered in the hundreds of thousands. As the management expands into spacious new office accommodation, bespoke administrative services tailored to the Raceway’s complex and exacting demands are essential to meet the ever-growing workload.

Workflow provides the answers. Workflow is a leading provider of business solutions in the UK. The company specialises in managed services for copiers and printers, document management solutions offering secure access to data, and industry-leading service support recognised by customers and big-brand suppliers alike.

Workflow excels at helping its customers function as efficiently, productively and cost-effectively as they can. Workflow’s independent approach and flexible, future-proofed services not only increase staff productivity but help reduce overall costs in the process.

Workflow’s founding director, Duncan Jack, said: “We are really excited about forging our new partnership with Santa Pod. It offers a great synergy between our cutting-edge solutions and the high-octane thrills found at Santa Pod.”

Santa Pod Raceway’s Commercial Manager, Caroline Holden, said: “ We are so pleased to have Workflow on our side. We’ve now moved into a smart new office and we need support systems to match. Don’t let the air of calm fool you – with the huge range of events we handle here, we’re under pressure all year round and it’s vital our support services deliver the goods. It’s a demanding environment and we’re delighted with the solutions Workflow offers us. It’s a partnership that makes sense for both of us. “

News of all Santa Pod’s events can be found at www.santapod.com together with online booking facilities, or by telephone at 01234 782828.

Workflow Sponsor Board at Santa Pod Raceway