Call centre technology

Every business has a contact centre in our book, no matter its size. The way that centre accepts, directs and stores the contacts it receives can help make the business it supports more responsive, more successful and more compliant too

From small help desk set-ups to vast multi-site, multi-media contact centres, Workflow can help your business streamline its call centre operations to improve customer and user satisfaction while controlling its costs.

  • Your interactive voice response (IVR) system allows you update callers on queue position and estimated wait time while guiding them behind the scenes to available resources as effectively as possible
  • Answer queries in a single call with intuitive desktop products which can integrate agent availability, online presence, agent actions and produce screen pops to allow agents to quickly identify customers then message or conference in available experts
  • Give customers a choice of channels with an automatic call distribution (ACD) system for voice and multi-media routing. This system also allows you to track and monitor multi-media agent, queue and trunk performance to fine tune your operations
  • Our tailored contact centre solutions integrate new products with existing infrastructure to provide you with the flexibility to grow and add more complex capabilities while you continue to benefit from previous investments
  • Integrate business processes, control costs, enable remote working and ensure business continuity in the event of a problem
  • Stay compliant and enjoy easy access to valuable data when you automatically record and securely store every call
  • Analyse your recorded information to train your staff and to monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Optimise resource use and control costs with clever forecasting tools and workforce management tools helping you match agent resource to customer traffic

Workflow: Impartial, intelligent and incredibly effective

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