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Cloud-hosted telephony equates to a single communications solution that can span all devices – whether fixed or mobile – and deliver seamless, anywhere anytime communications capabilities to your staff and your business

Cloud-hosting enables businesses to avoid investing in their own on-premises system and instead use a cloud-based carrier-grade platform. That platform uses VoIP (Voice over IP) to deliver secure, resilient voice telephony services to users’ devices whether on-site or off – which can be scaled up and down as needed.

  • Connectivity to the public network is provided as an integral part of the service, giving you greater flexibility on the numbers you use (including 0800, local and non-geographic numbers)
  • Telephony is delivered where you need it, through Voice over IP (VoIP), to IP desktop telephones, softphones on PCs and softphone apps on smartphones
  • Extensions can be distributed across multiple sites, to home workers and remote employees using laptops and mobiles
  • Negate the need for upfront investment with a pay-as-you-use payment model
  • From support for multiple devices, voicemail and recording, to contact centre capabilities, with cloud-based telephony you need only pay for the capabilities you need
  • Avoid paying for the full breadth of services across all employees
  • Pay monthly based on number of users and the capabilities they require

IP telephone systems

There is a vast range of IP telephones, handsets, conference units and attendant consoles on the market – many of them feature-rich and user-friendly. Whether you need high end or entry level, we can independently help you pinpoint the right devices for your business and infrastructure.


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