Traditional in-house telephony platforms

Whatever your existing telephone system and platform, and however you need them to support your business, our independent experts can help

We work with key suppliers like Avaya, NEC, Mitel and Aastra (now part of Mitel), to deliver in-house telephony solutions which help organisations communicate more clearly, quickly and cost-effectively

The standard approach to date has been to select and install a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system in the head office, with a proprietary telephone on each employee’s desk and connection to the rest of the world through ISDN lines.

This system still works for some organisations. But there are ways to enhance and add to such systems to help workforces of any size communicate better.

Our flexible hybrid communication platforms or hybrid digital platforms allow you to:

  • Introduce new technologies while continuing to use standard digital and analogue telephones
  • Keep control of costs as you progress from older, to newer technology solutions at a pace that suits your business needs
  • Improve a traditional telephone system with IP technology
  • Identify the right telephones to meet your needs – from SIP telephones and IP telephones to digital telephones, headset options and conference room telephones
  • Benefit from new PBX upgrades such as on-hold music, call transfer and call recording

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