Unified communications

Unified communications is the magic that happens when real-time communications are seamlessly integrated with non real-time communications

It’s when the likes of telephony, instant messaging, IVR (interactive voice response) and call control link up instantly with voicemail, data sharing, email and SMS in one smooth-flowing, time-saving stream of communication and collaboration.

As the freeflow use of laptops, smartphones, desktops and tablets continues to gather pace, so the boundaries are blurring between voice and data. With the right unified communications strategy and solution in place, organisations can harness new ways of working to optimise their communications and work faster and smarter for less.

  • If you have disparate employees who need to collaborate and communicate over conferencing facilities on a regular basis, want to handle their communications on a device of their choice and who you need to always be available via various follow me, presence and mobility options, then yes, unified communications is for you.
  • Enable employees to communicate and collaborate seamlessly, wherever they are, using whichever device they prefer
  • Achieve instant integration between real-time and non real-time communications
  • Choose between wired, wireless and internet connection platforms
  • Improve productivity and enjoy lower associated costs organisation-wide
  • Benefit from an easy implementation and migration process
  • Have simple, consistent and user-friendly interfaces across all devices to promote speedy uptake

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