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Recording & reporting calls for 30 years

Established in 1985, Oak started life as a calls
management provider. Today the company is a leading provider of call logging, call recording and CTI (computer telephony integration) services to SMEs in the UK.

Oak Advance

Oak’s industry-leading software includes the award-winning Advance range. Competitively priced yet representing the cutting edge of telephony, this suite of products has been designed to help businesses of any size transform the way they manage their calls and the data they contain.

Productivity-boosting features which were until recently only accessible to big businesses with the budgets to match, are now available to SMEs and even smaller organisations. By tailoring Oak Advance products to their specific needs, we have helped many of our smaller customers enjoy the incremental commercial benefits of real-time call logging, recording and reporting.

Here is a taste of how Oak software could benefit your business

Logging and analysing calls for businesses and call centres is made easy with Oak’s Advance Report solution. From standard call logging to real-time call centre reporting and intelligent wallboard displays, this solution helps businesses track their calls and keep their operations agile.

  • Benefit from detailed reporting on every call – where it came from, where it went, who made it, how much it cost
  • Analyse call traffic to understand when your busiest and quietest times are, allowing you to make better informed decisions around staffing
  • Make live call stats available on large screen displays and monitor line usage for help with right-sizing the number of lines you need open
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring fast pick-up rates and first time direction to the correct department
  • Simplify user log-in procedures with active directory integration
  • Have clarity and control over your expenditure
  • Detect exceptional calls fast to help minimise your risk of fraud
Oak’s advanced unified call recording and evaluation system includes fixed line, mobile and VoIP recording in one single solution. By giving organisations simple, seamless access to their recorded customer interactions, it helps those organisations respond faster to their customers and grow their businesses.

  • Record all telephone orders and discussions, with data automatically stored in your relevant CRM or database application
  • Easily find, retrieve and listen to selected calls via a powerful web interface on your PC, MAC or tablet
  • Deliver the best possible service to your customers and enjoy higher retention and better incremental sales rates by giving staff the tools they need to respond quickly and accurately to customer queries, engage with them and detect further sales opportunities
  • Comply with financial and other statutory regulations, including masking of payment card details

Workflow: Impartial, intelligent and incredibly effective

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