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Data intelligence for enhanced productivity

For over 20 years, Tollring has been helping organisations enhance their productivity
through the data intelligence that can be gleaned with the help of its range of feature-rich, technologically advanced communications management solutions.

Tollring icall suite

This advanced communications management solution integrates seamlessly with organisations’ telephone systems. This helps them make informed business decisions to increase productivity, control costs and deliver superior customer experiences.

The desktop version features on-premise call management software which allows users to securely record and view real-time and historical call data. For customer-facing teams, iCS contact also delivers supervisor management tools and agent call control.

Here is a taste of how Tollring icall software can benefit your business

  • Feature-rich call analytics making sense of your inbound and outbound calls
  • All calls logged, reported and analysed in real-time then displayed in user-friendly ways to help organisations understand, manage and control their communications
  • Integrates fully with PBX telephony systems to deliver call logging, granular call reporting, visual wallboards and intuitive dashboards
  • Premise-based and hosted call recording software with advanced functionality, and scalable to fit any size business with unlimited sites
  • Across all technologies, this solution is easily managed from a single work station or server and can record calls on analogue, ISDN or SIP
  • Recordings are easily searched, played back, and securely stored in the cloud for up to 10 years
  • Improve your management and control across customer-facing teams
  • Benefit from live in-depth insight into group and individual agent usage and activity including current status, queuing and hold times
  • Both overall trends and detailed information is available in flexible formats via dashboards, reports and group wallboards
  • Agent seat licenses can be installed on individual agents’ desktops for call control, call preview, personal call history and optional database integration. Automated outbound progressive and predictive diallers can also be added to streamline call routing

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