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Integrated solutions for the better informed business

With ease-of-use and fast ROI at their core, Xarios’ communication solutions are
providing businesses of all sizes with the data they need to make better informed
business decisions. Xarios offers a full range of CTI (computer telephony integration)
technologies and has more than 10 years’ experience working with leading telephone
system manufacturers.

Xarios Phone Manager

Scalable and cost-effective, Xarios Phone Manager makes effective call management and achieving greater customer satisfaction look easy.   Calls coming in, going out and even missed calls are all automatically tracked. When users make and receive calls, customer information pops onto their screen even before the call has connected.

With a powerful DSS console at its heart, Xarios Phone Manager can help you manage call traffic more efficiently, and make calls more effective by giving staff the information they need just when they need it.

  • Staff can see at a glance if colleagues are on the telephone/free to take calls/or in ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) mode
  • Define and use the Quick Dial Hot Key function to highlight a telephone number in any
  • Automatically trigger real-time on-screen information about the call or caller, including previous calls (and missed calls), date, time, call duration, caller ID and more

Xarios Call Recorder

With basic call recording just the beginning, Xarios Call Recorder gives organisations the means to store, retrieve and listen to calls in ways which are fast, useful and secure.   Multi-level security systems help ensure compliance, and sophisticated logging features allow recordings to be tagged to any and all relevant parts of the business, including integration into CRM systems so that individual call records can be stored in a customer’s record.

A complete call recording solution for Mitel MCD/3300, 5000 and Avaya IP Office, Xarios Call Recorder is a cost-effective, scalable and secure solution for any size business wanting to record and analyse customer interactions.

  • Recordings can be tagged for automatic storage into your CRM database
  • Choose to record every call, or only those you need, with a simple configuration setting
  • Sophisticated, user-friendly search and playback options allow for fast, secure access to your stored data for authorised users only. It’s as easy as using Google
  • Search by outside number, extension name or number, agent name or number, hunt group or DDI number
  • The speech analytics option will even allow you to search by spoken phrases

Workflow: Impartial, intelligent and incredibly effective

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