Case Study - Brasier Freeth Commercial Property Agents


Brasier Freeth is an award-winning business offering an extensive range of property-related services to clients within the public and private sectors across the UK, including many household names. The leading property agent in Hertfordshire, the organisation has three offices in the county and has recently added a fourth in Central London – a reflection of the firm’s growing client list in the capital.

Workflow has worked with Brasier Freeth over a number of years, supplying full managed print services which has grown with the operation. Although data and documents are increasingly managed digitally, the business still uses a good deal of print for documents relating to correspondence with clients, marketing, reports and more.

The Issue

Practice Manager, Kerry Starling, explained what the business needs; “I am always looking for reductions in cost without having to compromise on quality. We need reliable, high quality print and copy results across multiple sites for minimal outlay and minimal management effort from us. We also need hardware and software that can help us work more efficiently while minimising our impact on the environment.”
Kerry continued; “Our new London office meant we needed to expand our device fleet part way through our contract. Other suppliers may have seen an opportunity to add to the fleet and hike the price.”

We’ve worked with the team from Workflow for a number of years. One of the reasons the relationship endures is, quite simply, because we feel the solutions they provide represent refreshingly good value for money. They take a flexible, friendly and customer-centred approach to doing business and I like that they look after their existing customers every bit as well as they look after their new customers.
— Kerry Starling, Practice Manager, Brasier Freeth

The Opportunity

Presented with their client’s need to increase the number of print devices in its fleet, regardless of the fact they were still working within an existing contract, Workflow saw an opportunity, through their copier and printer leasing service, to look at the fleet as a whole entity instead of simply bolting on extra machines at extra cost.

Armed with up-to-date knowledge of the most efficient and innovative new machines and technology on the market, the Workflow team was able to replace and expand the entire fleet of devices and offer the same fully managed print services at a lower overall cost.

  • Balanced deployment means Brasier Freeth are able to achieve high quality and quantity print output more efficiently than ever before thanks to reduced wastage and use of resources, coupled with lower associated running and maintenance costs.

  • The firm pays the same cost per page across every print or copier device and every site.

  • Workflow take care of replacing all consumables and maintaining all devices - minimising downtime and client input.

  • In-built features such as print rules (e.g. double-sided and automatic draft printing) and new toner technologies help boost the company’s green credentials.

  • Innovative software can be quickly configured to further enhance efficiency and security – for example by:

    • enabling secure print release including from mobile devices

    • setting up cost coding to improve budget allocation

    • tracking across every single print, copy and scan job.

Practice Manager, Kerry Starling; “With Workflow taking care of everything print and copy-related, we can focus our energies elsewhere. Their flexible approach makes for a very smooth, reliable service and we get to work with new, efficient machines embedded with some really innovative new technologies.”


  • Exceptional level of service provided to all clients.

  • Mid-contract device refresh seen as opportunity to reduce costs further as opposed to increasing them.

  • Up-to-date knowledge of the newest innovations is used to deliver extra on-going benefits to clients.

  • Devices’ service status and consumable levels are remotely monitored and automatically addressed with no input from the client.

  • One price per page across all devices and sites.

  • The overall print solutions make it easy to use print, copy and scan in more environmentally responsible ways.