Case Study - Brookdale Care


Brookdale Care is the leading independent provider of secure rehabilitation, residential and supported living care for people with autism, mental health needs and learning disabilities in the UK.

The business operates across 10 sites, with a head office in Welwyn Garden City. Although there is an overall move towards greater digitisation, printouts are still a key requirement for meetings as well as providing information to clients and stakeholders.

Workflow recently worked closely with Brookdale Care to optimise its print, copy and scan requirements through it's print solutions service.

The Issue

Previously, the business relied upon a fleet of devices which had become unreliable. Ordering replacement consumables and fixing problems was the job of the IT department based in Welwyn. IT staff would often have to travel long distances to resolve service issues. The overall result was that the business was wasting significant amounts of time, money and effort on a print environment which was no longer fit for purpose.

As well as requiring a confusing array of consumables, the legacy fleet gave the IT department neither visibility of print-related costs and usage information, nor easy access to other cost efficiency opportunities.

Head of IT, James Whitehouse, commented;

The old devices were virtually museum pieces and it was clearly time to investigate how new technologies and a new approach could help us manage our print more effectively.

The Opportunity

Workflow partnered with Brookdale Care to assess its print requirements before proposing and implementing a hugely improved solution integrated across all 10 sites. The initial print audit carried out highlighted what was needed where and calculated the existing TCO (total cost of ownership). Armed with a comprehensive knowledge of the print marketplace and with the organisation’s requirements clearly defined, Workflow’s experienced and innovative team were able to offer Brookdale Care a fully costed strategy for the future with benefits clearly outlined.

  • With new, hand-picked printers and MFDs (multi-function device) in place, reliability has been transformed. When an issue does arise, it is resolved quickly and efficiently courtesy of Workflow’s network of fully trained field-based engineers.

  • Low level alerts are now sent direct to Workflow as consumables run low. Brookdale Care then receives replacements by next day delivery to ensure no loss of service.

  • Workflow also receives ‘smart alerts’ direct from the devices before service parts are required. With replacement parts already on-site and on standby, the customer continues to enjoy maximum uptime.

  • Real-time monitoring now facilitates full visibility of print usage and costs, allowing the IT department to monitor usage, control costs and accurately allocate them to different business units.

Workflow’s approach to service support played an important part in us deciding to work with them. With them now taking care of our devices, our time input is drastically reduced. On top of that we can now see and control what we spend and we’re benefiting from other features too such as improved scanning functionality, 2-sided printing and secure print release.
— James Whitehouse, Head of IT


  • Transformed reliability with exceptional service back-up promise.

  • Fully priced proposal and outline of business benefits provided at the outset.

  • Low level toner and replacement part alerts sent directly to Workflow, resulting in replacement supplies sent direct to avoid downtime.

  • Visibility and control over print costs and usage across multiple sites.

  • Single point of contact.

  • In-built document security and enhanced scanning capabilities.