Case Study - Calder Vets


Calder Vets is Yorkshire’s leading veterinary group. Starting life 60 years ago as a small mixed practice in Dewsbury, the business has grown to become a thriving organisation with 12 branches, a state-of-the-art hospital, a team of 160 staff and 40,000-50,000 clients to its name.

As part of the Linnaeus Group, Calder Vets sits at the forefront of veterinary best practice in the UK. Continued investment has resulted in outstanding facilities, and from these it delivers a full range of veterinary treatments and procedures.

Workflow has partnered with Calder Vets for several years. Initially tasked with rationalising and optimising the organisation’s print, copy, scan and fax environment, they continue to provide our full managed print services. More recently, Workflow has helped transform the speed and ease with which staff can capture, access, action and store customer-related documents and data.

The Issue

Calder Vets’ work necessitates the generation and completion of 50+ forms (for example for client consent and pet insurance purposes). These forms are currently generated by the group’s existing customer management software. Previously, all completed forms were manually scanned in by staff one at a time. Once scanned, the digitised documents needed to be manually allocated to the correct client on the group’s database – a process which was time-consuming and open to human error.

Tailoring technology to optimise the way the group handles these completed forms has been the focus of Workflow’s most recent project.

Workflow have helped us make a major positive change. With a large customer base and 13 different sites, being able to quickly find accurate customer information is key to good service delivery. The Workflow team is friendly, fast and knowledgeable. Because of them we now have a new scan solution which is working brilliantly for us.
— Mark Harrison, Veterinary Surgeon BVSc MRCVS/Director, Calder Vets

The Opportunity

Calder Vets and Workflow worked together to pinpoint exactly what the business needed - a user-friendly, cost-effective scan solution with the power and flexibility to significantly boost the business through better data capture and access.

Having clarified what the most successful outcome would look like, and armed with vast knowledge of the most efficient and innovative technology on the market, the Workflow team was able to recommend and implement a solution using Workflow scanning and document solutions.

Workflow scanning solutions provides enhanced scanning capabilities to existing MFDs (multi-function devices). The fact that it could be seamlessly integrated into the group’s existing infrastructure, combined with its impressive functionality and scalability, helped to make it a perfect choice.

  • Staff are now able to bulk scan whole batches of forms instead of one at a time

  • A bar code cover sheet on the front of each form allows them to be automatically routed and allocated to the correct client’s record then made immediately available to all authorised staff

  • One-touch scanning saves extra user time

Overall, the group is now realising significant business benefits as a result of the solution’s introduction – and already has plans for extending them. Veterinary Surgeon BVSc MRCVS/Director, Mark Harrison, explained: “We now have the new scanning system up, running and working really well across all of our branches and head office. Hitches are rare, but whenever there’s an issue with anything Workflow-related, we can rely on the team there to be quick to respond and committed to getting things back on track with as little disruption as possible.”

Mark continued; “Looking ahead, we’re about to embark with Workflow on a project to extend the scan solution into our state-of-the-art hospital in Dewsbury. Time is often of the essence there, so fast, easy access to up-to-date data can be especially crucial. Having a quicker, more accurate scanning process in place there will be of even greater tangible benefit to us as a business.”


  • Authorised users now have faster access to records to enable them to accomplish their own associated tasks more quickly

  • Administrative time spent scanning the documents and allocating them to client records has been vastly reduced

  • Barcode system delivers greater accuracy by reducing the margin for human error

  • The group now benefits from a powerful, flexible solution which can be tailored to meet their changing needs to ensure maximum ROI

  • Simple, user-friendly system encourages speedy staff up-take

  • Entire system is backed up by exceptional levels of service support