Case Study - Domino's


Domino’s is the world’s leading pizza delivery company, serving around 1.5 million pizzas every day across the globe.

Domino’s UK Head Office is in Milton Keynes – a modern site from where 350 staff handle the centralised functions which support the organisation in the UK. The majority of Domino’s 800 stores in the UK are franchised units.

As such, they produce and mail their own communications. Separately to that, the Head Office generates up to 500 pieces of mail per day of its own, comprising a mixture of day-to-day business mail and marketing mail-outs. In 2014 Workflow were able to introduce new equipment to the Head Office which has helped that part of the business reduce costs, boost productivity and streamline workflow.

The Issue

Previously, Head Office staff had relied on a franking machine featuring a complex interface which staff found difficult to use. Franking is carried out by many different people across multiple disciplines, as opposed to a dedicated member of staff. The unclear functionality resulted in users routinely having to spend – and waste – time asking others for help.

The Opportunity

Having first understood what the business needed and what the legacy equipment was failing to deliver, Workflow were able to pinpoint and install replacement equipment using its print solutions service which has resulted in a vastly improved experience. Before making their decision, the Domino’s contact was able to visit another customer’s site to see the machine in action. Bev Bulmer, HR Manager at Domino’s Head Office, explained;

First and foremost, whereas the old machine was difficult to use, the one which Workflow selected for us is really intuitive and straightforward to use. Employees are able to easily work out for themselves how to use it first time round, which means no more time wasted accomplishing what should be a simple, everyday task.

Bev continued;

With the new machine in place we also benefit from postal discounts, every postage total is automatically allocated to the correct cost centre and our logo is printed on every envelope that leaves the building.

The new high end automated mailroom franking machine alerts users when either ink or postal credit is low. Postage re-crediting is easily done online as and when required, or a direct debit can be set up to top up automatically. When ink is running low, Workflow deliver new supplies.


  • The right print solutions selected to suit your needs

  • Royal Mail-approved system and machines

  • Discounted postage rates

  • Print logo or marketing messages on envelopes and labels

  • Simplified postal accounting and reporting

  • Re-credit your franking machine easily online

  • Claim back VAT on postage with ‘Smart’ machines

  • Superior on-going support back-up