Case Study - Loscoe Chilled Foods


Based in Derbyshire, Loscoe Chilled Foods was established in 1990, having started life as a family butchers shop. The business is now an important supplier of cooked and raw meats to the food manufacturing and service industries in the UK and Europe. It employs 150 staff and is an approved supplier to the likes of Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury and Tesco.

Loscoe has two factories within a single site and fulfils high numbers of orders every day. From picking products through to invoicing them, each order requires a series of tasks to be accomplished and a number of documents to be produced, processed and stored. These documents include picking lists, proof of delivery notes, statements and invoices.

The Issue

Previously, all documents were produced as simple text documents from Sage 200 and output on a small number of old and unreliable printers. At that point they needed to be manually processed before the next required document could be triggered. This involved staff ferrying documents between the relevant departments and buildings, for example taking picking lists to pickers and delivery notes to transport. Documents also had to be manually collated, scanned, emailed and stored.

Overall, Loscoe was wasting time and money on a document production process and old print devices which were outdated and which the business had outgrown.

The Opportunity

Loscoe briefed Workflow to help them overhaul their document management processes and print environment to reduce overheads and increase productivity. Operations Manager Ian Brookes explained; “We wanted to benefit from new technologies to help us work faster, cheaper and better. Workflow took time to understand our business before suggesting both a document management and managed print solution that would help us achieve our goals quickly and easily. Now we’re spending less while benefitting from a slick new system that makes our operations run more smoothly and allows staff to focus more attention on other tasks.”

The new Workflow solution starts with the same output from Sage 200 but has harnessed new technologies to transform the way the business generates, handles, accesses and stores its documents and the data they contain.

  • Picking lists now output directly to the correct (new) printers in the required locations, removing the need for staff to physically deliver them.

  • Invoices and statements are now automatically emailed as PDF attachments. Those relating to customers needing hard copies are auto-printed with a POST tag.

  • To reflect Loscoe’s different companies and brands, all print output now features the correct corporate ID. Each document also features a 2D barcode which, when the document is later scanned, allows the data contained to be seamlessly routed, matched and stored via a customised One Touch button on the new MFDs’ user panels.

  • Workflow take care of Loscoe’s entire print, copy and scan device fleet - replacing all consumables and maintaining all devices to minimise downtime and client input.


  • Significantly improved staff productivity as a result of faster, more streamlined document processes and overall workflow

  • With data stored digitally, staff have instant access to accurate, securely held data

  • New printers and MFDs enhance print costs and quality

  • New solution integrates seamlessly with customer’s existing database

  • Customer benefits from high level of on-going service support - both remote and on-site

  • Fully priced proposal and outline of business benefits provided at the outset

Staff tied up with manually handling these documents are between 30-50% more productive since Workflow implemented the new system. They have given us exactly what we needed and their approach has been very proactive. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
— Ian Brookes, Operations Manager, Loscoe Chilled Foods