Case Study - Martin & Co Property Agents


Martin & Co is one of the largest property franchises in the UK, with a network of 192 offices. From a prominent high street position, the Welwyn Garden City franchise handles the full array of estate agency services including property sales, rentals and mortgages as well as property investment advice.

There are six staff at the Welwyn Garden City office. Between them they generate, handle and store a relatively high volume of documents, ranging from contracts to letters and invoices to window displays. While paper still plays a part in most processes, the business is increasingly digitising documents to speed up operations and reduce environmental impact, as well as freeing up storage space and improve document security.

The Issue

Previously the business was reliant on three different devices that were becoming increasingly unreliable and expensive. Out-of-action machines were impacting workflow and staff productivity, as was the need for staff to identify and source the various required consumables when they ran out.

The Opportunity

MD Stephen Dooley explained; “Our brief to Workflow was to overhaul and simplify our whole print, copy and scan set-up. We were looking to save time, money and resources while taking advantage of better ways of doing things – for example more efficient scanning and storing of documents. We wanted someone to help us pinpoint the right device(s) and software, as well as set it all up for us and then take care of it from there on in. We got exactly what we were looking for and there wasn’t even any downtime when it was installed.”

The six-strong team now relies on one powerful device for all of its print, scan and copy needs.

  • With the new device in place print quality is better, print speeds are faster (up to 33 pages per minute when in black and white) and wasted paper and ink significantly reduced.

  • Staff are able to quickly scan straight to their workstation or to email – for example when handling signed contracts - saving time and enabling the whole team to access documents on the office system more easily.

  • The new system enables scalable remote working as well as outstanding ease of use thanks to an intuitive smartphone-like 7 inch colour touch panel.

  • Low level alerts are now sent direct to Workflow as consumables run low so that the correct replacements can be sent in good time.

  • Martin & Co benefit from a fixed price service solution including parts and labour, with instant access to online and telephone service support, safe in the knowledge that an engineer is only a few hours away if required.


  • A tailor-made solution configured to meet the client’s operational and budgetary needs

  • Higher quality print output coupled with lower costs and downtime

  • More streamlined scanning boosts productivity and enables ever more data to be more securely stored in digital, rather than paper format

  • Automatic toner deliveries as supplies run low

  • Fixed price contract including parts and labour

  • Accessible and reliable support and backup including high 1st time fix rate thanks to highly technically competent engineers

The new fixed price solution from Workflow is just what we wanted. For starters it’s faster, greener and cheaper than before. We never run out of printer ink, we can scan straight to anywhere we want, our remote worker can print to the office instantly from her home office and if ever there’s a problem, not only does a Workflow technician arrive fast, but he or she can almost always fix the problem there and then.