Case Study - Medlock Electrical Distributors


Established in 1910, Medlock are the largest  independent electrical wholesale group in the UK. The business has grown rapidly over the last few years and now has more than 40 branches from which it serves a broad range of customers buying electrical goods and components for domestic, retail and commercial situations.

The Issue

Previously, Medlock bought printers as and when workload demanded or an old device reached end-of-life. Printers across the 40+ branches were not consistent nor connected or monitored in any way. For each device in each branch a different team member was responsible for sourcing the right consumables and monitoring when they were needed.

The Opportunity

Workflow created a managed print solution for Medlock which effectively outsources all of the company’s print management tasks. Workflow have supplied and now remotely monitor a fleet of modern, right-fit devices spread across the whole business.

As new devices are needed, they too are sourced and then added seamlessly into the solution.

The result is a more reliable, less time-consuming and much more cost-effective experience for Medlock.

We needed a solution that could expand with our business and keep on delivering benefits in terms of cost reduction and tools to help our staff do their work more quickly and easily. Our Workflow contact had suggested a while ago that a managed print service would be ideal, but I took a while to be persuaded! A big part of me finally coming around to the idea was that I knew I could trust Workflow to deliver on their promises. It was a good move. The overall experience has been excellent and the solution is proving of tangible benefit.
— Peter Hoy - Commercial Manager Operations
  • When a new Medlock’s branch comes on board, Medlock provide the IP address to Workflow who then configure the device to agreed specifications before it is delivered to the new office ready to go.

  • The new MFDs feature user-friendly functions such as scan to email for customer despatch notes, quotations and more – saving time, reducing reliance on print and fast-tracking communications with customers, suppliers and other internal departments.

  • Now, when a cash sale occurs, an invoice is automatically triggered and printed out at the sales counter to be given to the customer immediately.

  • With Workflow now maintaining the devices and providing right-time replacement consumables, downtime is reduced and Medlock's staff can focus their time on key tasks.

  • As and when Medlock choose, innovative software can be configured to further enhance efficiency and control. Examples include enabling secure print release, mobile print and cost coding against each print job.


  • Significant cost reduction achieved against a backdrop of increased reliability and improved productivity

  • Drastically reduced downtime due to newer, more efficient and better maintained devices as well as automatic replenishment of consumables just as replacements are almost due User-friendly print functions such as scan to email boost workflow

  • Solution makes it easy to use print, copy and scan in more environmentally responsible ways.

The new Workflow solution has cut our costs to literally 50% of what they were previously. On top of that we don’t have to worry about running out of ink, service support is excellent and we’ve got new printer functions in place which help staff work faster.
— Peter Hoy - Commercial Manager Operations