Case Study - Roundwood Park School


Roundwood Park School is a mixed secondary school with academy status situated in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. With 1,260 pupils across seven academic years and teaching staff needing printed materials for many of their lessons, the demand for reliable quality print is high. In the last year alone the number of A4 and A3 printouts generated by the school easily exceeded a million.

The school has a dedicated print room overseen by a reprographics technician. All colour print jobs are completed by her, but teachers and other staff are able to print directly to mono.

The Issue

Previously the school had been reliant on MFDs (multi-function devices) which were becoming increasingly unreliable.

In addition to experiencing too much downtime, the school was missing out on some of the advantages which new technologies can bring - for example enhanced finishing capabilities and better cost control.

The Opportunity

Reprographics Technician and School Governor Kate Barron explained; “We need machines which produce high quality, high volume prints day in, day out. The printouts are used for teaching, for displays, flyers, letters and more. We need them to look good, be cost-effective and to produce minimal waste.”

Being able to scan straight to print is also important, as is the ability for staff to scan documents and upload them directly to the ‘Show My Homework’ website – an online homework solution which enables pupils to access homework tasks online.

Workflow were able to work with the school to deliver a much improved printer experience. The tailor-made solution now includes three state-of-the-art high end reprographic MFDs complete with new technologies which have transformed reliability, are boosting staff productivity, minimising waste and giving the organisation greater control over costs.

Overall the school is wasting less time on both producing high quality print and maintaining its equipment:

  • Maintenance of the devices is Workflow’s job and automatic meter readings mean replacement consumables are sent direct before machines run out

  • Documents can be hole punched, stapled or bound at the point of output

  • Staff can easily scan straight to print, the cloud, email and beyond

  • Highly intuitive smart ’phone style user interfaces are easy to navigate

The school now benefits from much improved cost control:

  • Print jobs allocated by code to departments or individuals

  • Staff incentives include double-sided printing discount

  • Ability to select the print quality according to the requirement


  • Consistently high quality print, copy and scan output

  • Transformed reliability

  • Enhanced scanning and finishing capabilities

  • Visibility and control over print costs and usage

  • Low level toner and replacement part alerts sent directly to Workflow, resulting in replacement supplies sent direct to the school

  • Single point of contact for service or maintenance issues, with an exceptional service back-up promise

Workflow were able to quickly get to grips with what we needed, and put together just the right mix of devices. I was even able to go and see the machines in use at the manufacturer’s before deciding. Now we’re benefitting from new technologies and new machines that run like clockwork. If ever we do hit a hitch, I just log a call and Workflow get it sorted. They’re brilliant.
— Kate Barron, Reprographics Technician and School Governor