Case Study - Saracens Rugby Club


Established in 1876, Saracens Rugby Club is one of London’s premier rugby clubs. Seventy-five staff operate from the club’s offices at its state-of-the-art stadium site in North West London. Workflow are season ticket holders at the club and regularly take clients to watch matches. The Workflow team recently partnered with the club to improve its print usage.

The Issue

Richard Gregg, Stadium Director, explained; “Beforehand we weren’t clear on our overall spend, but with printouts often left uncollected, it was clear that we weren’t working as efficiently as we could. We tasked Workflow with overhauling our whole approach to print and to help us uncover operational efficiencies. Improving data security was also one of our objectives.”

The Opportunity

Workflow undertook a full print audit to assess the club’s needs and identify key objectives. Tailored scan and print solutions were then designed, proposed and implemented with minimal disruption. The new solution features highly efficient new devices embedded with flexible, function-rich print software PaperCut.

  • Through using Workflow's document solutions services, usage reports can now be generated in seconds for online viewing, printing or export – featuring summaries by user, device or environmental impact – to help the club see where efficiencies can be made.

  • Print rules mean the club can discourage email printing and even disable colour printing by user or group, as well as automatically convert jobs to grayscale and duplex. In organisations with larger device fleets, print jobs can be automatically routed to the least busy or most efficient devices.

  • Staff now use secure print release via a PIN at their device of choice, so that print jobs are only released once the user is waiting at the print point, instead of being printed and never collected. This reduces waste as well as strengthens document security.

  • PaperCut’s built-in tracking and reporting functionality help boost security and keep the club compliant with data protection laws, as do the device’s own security features which include data encryption and hard disk mirroring.

Richard Gregg, Stadium Director, commented; “Workflow have been very straightforward to deal with and always quick to respond. Staff are using print more thoughtfully, we no longer have piles of paper everywhere, we’re saving money and we’re more compliant with data protection laws – all of which were key objectives for us.”


  • Embed and enforce leaner, cleaner print policies tailored to each user or group to encourage more thoughtful print usage leading to operational efficiencies

  • Efficient new devices deliver high quality output yet boast new technologies which minimise energy usage and costs

  • Detailed tracking functionality boosts data protection compliance and offers instant, user-friendly visibility of print environment, costs and usage

  • Mobile print and BYOD (bring your own device) functionality on standby for future use

  • Superior 2-4 hour support back-up via smartphone service app, web portal or ’phone

We’re already operating more efficiently and with more clarity thanks to the new printers and PaperCut software. The ability to impose print rules means we can control usage to cut costs and waste – for example by not printing colour unnecessarily. We can also pull up detailed reports that tell us exactly what’s being printed by every individual. Then we use that insight to gently encourage staff to use print more efficiently in terms of cost and time. It’s working really well for us.
— Richard Gregg, Stadium Director, Saracens Rugby Club