Case Study - Sheffield United F.C.


Founded in 1889, Sheffield United operates from a modern 30,000+ capacity stadium and high spec training ground, with 150 staff working across the two sites.

Workflow recently introduced new state-of-the-art copy, print and scan devices across these two sites to help streamline operations, increase visibility and minimise the amount of time and money the business as a whole was spending on managing its print environment.

Workflow has since developed a close relationship with the club, and sponsors its much anticipated End of Season awards.

The Issue

Previously, the club’s mixed fleet of devices with multiple supplier and maintenance contracts in place had resulted in an overly complex situation. Different devices needing different consumables and the problem of not knowing immediately who to call when there was a problem, meant staff were wasting more time than necessary keeping the fleet up and running.

As Richard Poole, Head of Finance, explained;

It was messy and downtime became an issue. We decided it was time to consolidate and explore better ways of working. Workflow helped make that happen.

The Opportunity

With today’s devices offering outstanding reliability and integrated functionality, the club was missing out on a hat trick of benefits. Workflow were able to cherry pick the best devices and software options to suit the club’s needs and meet their objectives.

  • With full print monitoring now in place the club has full visibility of print usage and costs across the organisation, allowing them to monitor and allocate costs more effectively.

  • Automatic meter readings and toner alerts tell specified staff when and what to restock – reducing waste, downtime and management time in one fell swoop.

  • Secure print release is helping cut waste, boost data security and increase staff mobility on-site with print jobs only released when users authenticate themselves with a PIN at the print point of choice.

  • Improved scanning functionality means documents are more easily digitised, allowing the data they contain to be instantly accessed, actioned and stored within the business.

We’re always on the lookout for ways to shave outgoings and work smarter. Having one, reliable supplier in place has definitely simplified things. Added to that, we can clearly see what we’re spending where. Digitising paperbased data is speeding up our work flow and automatic settings such as 2-sided printing mean less wasted paper and consumables. On top of that, we never run out of consumables now we have alerts telling us when supplies are low.
— Richard Poole, Head of Finance


  • Single point of contact for your entire fleet of devices.

  • Benefit from new MFD technologies and advanced print software.

  • Enforce print settings such as 2-sided printing to reduce waste.

  • Access, share and store your data more readily when you digitise your documents.

  • Enhance productivity and security with secure print release – or pull – printing.

  • Automatic meter readings provide real-time reporting of usage and service status.

  • Never run out of consumables again with automatic alerts when levels dip below 25%.

  • Rely on superior on-going support back-up.