Lexmark M3150

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The Lexmark M1140+, M1145 and M3150 systems bring power and speed together in a space-saving size. Built to handle the requirements of a busy work environment, the M1140+, M1145 and M3150 will produce high-quality professional output in next to no time.

The Lexmark M1140+, M1145 and M3150 combine exceptional performance with time-saving solutions* designed to drive greater efficiency and simplify your work processes.

Key Features

  • Process even the most complex job utilising the 800MHz dual-core processing power and up to 2.5GB of memory

  • Get work done quickly with print speeds up to 47 ppm and produce your first page in as little as 6.5 seconds

  • Produce professional output with a system that delivers consistent image quality on a diverse range of materials

  • Instant warm-up fuser helps reduce energy consumption and improve time to first page