Ricoh MPC3004 EX

A model that offers superb reliability, output quality and enables constant productivity, this forms part of our flagship A3 Smart colour photocopier and MFP range. Designed to deliver within multipurpose environments – and featuring our renowned Smart Operation Panel – it’s designed to help you increase productivity thanks to rich functionality. It also showcases an Automatic Reverse Document Feeder, a 30ppm output speed and a new Intel processor. With staple-less finishing, you can keep your environmental impact low, and quick recovery from sleep mode and a low TEC value, means you save on energy costs and CO2 impact and still maintain a high performance. 

Key Features

  • Intuitive touch and swipe Smart Operations Panel

  • New Intel Processor increases productivity

  • A Human Detection Sensor wakes the MFP from sleep mode in 0.5 seconds as you approach so there’s no time spent waiting for device warm-up

  • Offers a range of 4 great finisher options

  • Professional output with banner print capability

  • Standard PostScript 3 emulation