File Director

FileDirector is document management software which was created by innovative German software vendors Spielberg as the result of 20+ years of research and development into document imaging.

It enables organisations to centrally manage all of their documents with outstanding efficiency. The cloud edition brings the same benefits without any requirement for server side installation or capital expenditure. Either way, advanced workflows and complicated approval processes become fast and simple to set up, while authorised users can enjoy instant access to any document from any device.

Benefit from standout data capture and retrieval

  • Capture paper and electronic documents in any format from letters to invoices, emails, dispatch notes and more
  • Advanced scanning capabilities include intelligent OCR, barcode, zone and forms recognition
  • Create scan profiles on your devices so that documents are automatically indexed and metadata used to store them exactly where you want them in your systems
  • FileDirector integrates seamlessly with existing technologies including SAP, Sage and Dynamics, as well as with Microsoft Office applications and Windows desktop – ensuring smooth and instant data indexing and retrieval
  • Built on SQL technology, FileDirector scales with ease – working as comfortably with 5 users as with 500, across single or multiple sites

Optional bolt-on module for accelerated workflow and approval processes

  • Extend FileDirector’s capabilities even further with the powerful Process Management module which allows organisations to create custom document-related workflows across all areas of their business including accounts, customer complaints, new recruits and product deliveries
  • Speed up and streamline approval processes including for invoices and purchase orders
  • Example; on receiving a supplier statement, you have a rule in place which both auto-files the document and triggers a workflow to ensure an approval process worker views it
  • Outstandingly flexible and user-friendly features mean, with no need for programming, users can set up and test a complicated approval process within 1 hour