ScanPath’s software is capable of flexing to fit almost any scanning proposition, seamlessly capturing and translating originals into and out of a wide range of formats. Data is easily integrated into organisations’ systems and workflows to speed up operations and reduce paperwork.

A single ScanPath can handle up to 50 uniquely configured MFDs, with an additional layer of configuration enabling different users and groups to have their own specific profiles, for example frequent scan destinations.

Translate originals into 8 different file formats instantly

ScanPath boasts a powerful OCR (optical character recognition) engine which recognises text images on a page and converts them into editable text.

  • Easily convert scanned documents to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, searchable PDF, PDF/A, PDF image, RTF and TIFF
  • When scanning to email, message appears in user’s Outlook Sent folder
  • Scan to custom-built workflows such as accounting, legal and HR
  • Send scanned documents straight to Google Drive, Box, DropBox and more
  • Scan directly to Microsoft SharePoint
  • Barcode cover sheets can be applied to documents for which OCR isn’t possible, for example in the case of handwritten documents