Are you drowning in forms?

Even though we're in the digital age, there's sometimes no avoiding the paperwork. From application forms, holiday forms, sickness forms, warranty claims, purchase requisitions and sales orders, the list is endless.

Reading, storing, securing and accessing these forms can play a huge part of running a business, which all costs time, space and money. 

Managed Document Solutions

But there is a better way. With a Document Management System most of the laborious tasks are taken away and processes are made smoother, more efficient and much more secure.


How a Document Management System works


+ What is a Document Management System?

A document management system stores, manages and tracks electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured using a document scanner. DMS software then controls and organises documents throughout the business.

+ How does it benefit my business?

Save time – Find documents instantly with powerful search functionality

Save space – Once a digital copy of the document is stored you won’t need to keep the original

Stay secure – Restricting who has access to which documents means you can be sure documents don’t get into the wrong hands

Save money – All these benefits add up to saving your business money

+ Do I need a Document Management System?

Previously, handling data within documents was the responsibility of the individual business. But with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being the biggest change of data protection laws for over 20 years, it’s essential businesses around Europe fully comply with the new regulations. By having a Document Management System in place, you have the technology to help with GDPR compliance.

Staff tied up with manually handling these documents are between 30-50% more productive since Workflow implemented the new system. They have given us exactly what we needed and their approach has been very proactive. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
— Ian Brookes, Operations Manager, Loscoe Chilled Foods

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