Mobile printing helps meet flexible working requirements.

More and more businesses are looking to introduce a flexible office-printing platform that can meet today’s demands for mobile working. From accommodating guests who need to print items easily, to allowing staff to print from their mobile devices simply and quickly, a flexible secure solution is required.

There are a number of software solutions available that will allow users to print from most mobile devices to any office printer or MFD. So whether your staff are away from the office, on a different floor or in another location, mobile printing allows them to print their document to any network printer from their mobile device. They can then pick up the document the moment they get back to the office or logon to a convenient device in their chosen location.

This technology can save time and help businesses to be more efficient. It’s simple to apply and can be set up to accommodate different mobile operating platforms, e.g. Apple, Android, Windows etc. A good example is Xerox Mobile Print.

Xerox Mobile Print

Your users simply submit their documents through the email system or by using the Xerox application. No client software or print driver download is required in order to print and the solution supports users who bring their own device often referred to as BYOD.

Jobs can be previewed before printing, printer options set (such as duplex), then documents are securely held until the user logs in to release their print jobs. All information is held centrally and accounting integration delivers full user-based tracking.