Information security breaches can happen anywhere – no organisation can be totally immune unless it is properly protected. This is especially true with modern technology allowing the movement and sharing of data and information more efficiently and in a more free-flowing manner than ever before. By looking ahead and applying a few simple measures prudent businesses can take the necessary precautions to protect their information. Confidential data held by the hard disk of digital printers and photocopiers can be secured to ensure that it cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.

Top tips for securing your photocopiers

All businesses use photocopiers or MFDs (multi-function devices) day in, day out, without much thought to potential consequences. What most businesses forget is that these devices are storing an image of every single document they copy or scan so action needs to be taken to protect the vast amounts of data they contain.

Most manufacturers offer a series of measures that can easily be applied to a company’s printer/copier fleet that help protect your vital data. These include:

  • Automatic hard disc encryption – new and existing documents held on devices’ hard drives can be encrypted, rendering them impossible to decipher.
  • Secure print release – secure print functionality means print jobs are only released from the server when the author authenticates him or herself with their password, finger print, IC card or other at their chosen print point.
  • Automatic hard disc deletion – devices can be configured to auto-delete or overwrite saved documents and unopened secure print jobs within specific timescales.
  • Network security – devices comply with network security so communication traffic is effectively encrypted.

With just a few dependable safeguards in place the safekeeping of sensitive corporate information can be ensured.