Cirrato One

Cirrato One is a print management solution, which allows organisations to manage global print environments from one single server, using minimal bandwidth.

It is part of the LRS (Levi, Ray and Shoup Inc.) company in the US, whose products are used in over 30 countries worldwide and more than 50% of Fortune 1000 companies.

Centralised print management can help organisations realise significant efficiencies in terms of the time, money and server capacity they dedicate to managing their print environment.  In addition, Cirrato One offers a host of other features which can be harnessed to boost productivity, control and data security.

Free up resources, use print more efficiently and keep control

  • Cut your server administration costs, reduce your energy use and free up server capacity when you streamline printer driver management to manage every printer and print job through one robust interface
  • Enjoy real-time visibility of your print usage and costs, as well as comprehensive reporting on every single print event – who prints what, where and when – boosting security and reducing reliance on using local USB printers for sensitive documents
  • Introducing print rules can promote greener, leaner printing practices, for example by automatically messaging users whose printouts meet certain criteria (e.g. large volumes or printing colour documents from the web). You can also apply certain rules to certain individuals or user groups
  • Print device downtime is reduced thanks to more efficient printer driver management, better helpdesk tools and faster problem solving
  • Consolidation of hardware and more careful use of print lead to rapid ROI thanks to lower energy usage, less wasted paper and fewer consumables being required

Improve productivity and security while supporting mobile working

  • Secure printing can be easily applied so that documents are only printed when the user authenticates themselves at the printer – via card swipe, short ID or user credentials
  • With Follow Print, users can print to any device on the network, bringing an end to standing waiting for a busy printer to become available
  • Documents which go unprinted auto-delete from the print queue after a certain period of time
  • Cirrato One embedded is available for a large range of multifunctional printers – offering a unified user experience by allowing users to access documents, print controls and authentication tools directly at the printer panel. Printing is secure, reliable and available, even if the server cannot be reached
  • Cirrato One can be set up to accept print jobs from a range of data centre applications such as Citrix, terminal server, mainframe, SAP and Oracle. Cirrato One compresses these print jobs, then transmits them over the WAN before uncompressing and printing them at the remote location. This speeds up printing and is excellent for clients using thin client terminals, virtual desktop and remote desktop access