Print Audit Secure

Print Audit has received many awards for business innovation.

As a leading provider of device and print management solutions, the business enables organisations to remotely monitor their printer fleets and to monitor and control user printer behaviour.

Print Audit Secure helps organisations of all sizes embed secure mobile print seamlessly into their infrastructure and operations. With users empowered to print from any web-enabled device to any print device, print costs are reduced while document security is significantly increased.

Reducing wasted resources and your impact on the environment

  • This flexible, scalable software allows your users to release their print jobs at any device with any smartphone, tablet or web-enabled computer
  • Benefit from low impact installation and minimal disruption thanks to the Intelligent Print Routing System which requires no changes to your existing print servers, print queues or port monitoring
  • Minimise your usage of print resources such as ink, paper and consumables with users only ever printing what they need
  • Empowers users to bypass busy, malfunctioning or slow, inefficient devices by simply walking to an alternative and releasing their job there

Strengthen document security and keep compliant

  • Secure printing means confidential documents are kept in a virtual queue and only printed straight into the hands of the person who sent them to print – minimising the risk of sensitive information lying unattended and at risk of getting into the wrong hands
  • User simply authenticates themselves at the device of choice via Active Directory USB card reader support (magnetic, proximity, etc.)
  • Taking steps to protect your data better will help maintain your compliance with sector-specific laws and regulations around data protection