Harness the newest print technologies to boost your processes, your productivity and your profits

The most modern of today’s print technologies are no longer solely focused on giving us hard copies of the documents we need to do our jobs. High quality, high speed documents are a given.

Embed the right new technologies into your business and what you’ll also get is clever tools which make mobile working easy, security processes seamless and the cost of your print environment considerably reduced. Added value features include support for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies, insight into usage and costs and a workforce achieving everyday tasks in less time with greater ease.

By tracking usage, collecting meter readings and keeping on top of service and consumable requirements across your entire print fleet, this powerful tool delivers the information you need to keep your printers and your users working to full, cost-effective capacity.

Giving them the tools to print to any printer from any device means an end to the rigidity of desk-based working, and paves the way to a more productive workforce able to work faster while incurring lower costs.

With secure print release and pull printing functionality to hand, your users will only ever print what they need, when and where they need it. And your organisation will speed up workflow, reduce waste and increase security while they’re at it.


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