Secure print release and pull printing

Helping you print more smoothly, safely and efficiently.

In many print environments, users send a job to print at their nearest networked device and the document appears immediately. If the device is busy or jammed, the user has to wait. If they forget to pick it up, paper and ink are wasted. If that document contains confidential information, you’re looking at a security risk too.

There are better ways

With secure print release and pull printing functionality to hand, your users will only ever print what they need, when and where they need it. Even better, your organisation will speed up workflow, reduce waste and increase security while they’re at it.

How it works

managed print services, managed print solutions secure printing diagram

Key Benefits

  • More cost-effective, time and energy-efficient use of print

  • Less wasted paper and ink from uncollected print jobs

  • Greater protection – sensitive information is kept in the right hands and uncollected jobs are deleted from the print queue

  • Users can select individual jobs to release or have all their jobs automatically print after successful authentication

  • No more costly personal printers – staff can print confidentially to any device

  • Software allows users across all platforms – from their own mobile devices, iPads, tablets, desktops or other iOS devices – to be able to remotely access all printer features

  • Across all devices, every print job is fully tracked and controlled


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